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Dr. Joseph's Original Diabetic Footcare Kit

Everyone who is a diabetic ,or knows a diabetic, is aware that one of the most devastating consequences of the disease, are Foot Problems directly related to Diabetes.  Of all the health problems that diabetes causes, from kidney, eye, and heart  disease;, what accounts  for  the most hospitalizations year in and year out are diabetic foot infections!

Foot infections lead to amputation in the Diabetic. The bad news and the reality is - that  90%   of the amputations done every year in the United States are on Diabetics.  The good news is, and what I would like  to focus on through education, is that 90% of these amputations are preventable ! 

The key to prevention - is for the diabetic patient to  get actively involved in the  prevention process through  Self- Management.  All experts agree that there are three key components to self- management: Daily Inspection, Daily Hygiene, Regular Sensory Testing.

DAILY  INSPECTION - Everyone  should inspect their feet daily , but the reality is, the  non diabetic population do not regularly look at their feet  unless something begins to itch or hurt!  This is  at the heart of the problem in the diabetic - They do not feel pain in a normal manner.  This is because they develop what is termed Diabetic Neuropathy..  This is a condition  where the feet become numb and do not feel pain normally.  Thus, minor injurys such as cuts  can become catastrophic , when an ulceration develops as a result of the trauma. They go unnoticed without daily inspection,  and   can easily become infected because the diabetic is four to five times more susceptible to infection  than the non-diabetic population.  If the infection cannot be contained , and many times it is not,  an amputation is unfortunately the only option.

DAILY HYGIENE -  One may think that this  is  routine and what is all the fuss about cleaning  your feet .  If you  are a diabetic,  it is  a very big deal.  I would like to reference  “ Management of Diabetic  Foot Problems “ by  Dr. George Kozak ,  professor at Harvard Medical School;  He states that “ good hygiene is the single  most important step in preventing problems in the  diabetic foot”!

The sequence of events leading to amputation begin with infection caused  usually by bacteria or fungi  that invade a  break in the  skin. .  Sometimes, a very minor break !  Many times, the break in the skin is caused by an overgrowth of fungi (athlete’s feet ).  This is followed by an invasion of disease causing bacteria leading to serious infection. These organisms are always present between the toes. When present in excess , the organisms  can easily cause an infection. This is the reason that  daily hygiene is critical.  It prevents over-colonization of the organisms that cause severe infections and helps maintain a good balance r of normal flora ( organisms normally found between the toes ).  Again, this is the MOST IMPORTANT daily exercise to prevent a Diabetic Foot Infection !         

REGULAR SENSORY TESTING - It has been known for many years that Diabetic  patients lose the feeling    in their feet due to the disease.  However ,it was not until recently that a doctor had a tool  to quantitate    a sensory exam on a patient. Before the use of a 5.07 Semmes Weinstein monofilament wire, doctors would use feathers and other light objects to ascertain feeling or lack of feeling  during an exam.  It was never certain just how much pressure was being used to test for neuropathy.  Thus , the  exams were poor at best.  The Semmes Weinstein 10 gram monofilament wire     demonstrates exactly one  gram of pressure when applied to the surface of the skin for one second.  It has been determined  empirically  ( at the University of Pennsylvania) that if a patient can feel this wire, they have sufficient Protective Sensation.  This means simply, that a patient  has the ability to feel something that may injure his skin.  Pain would register if  a sharp object were stepped on.  I have personally removed hundreds of objects from Diabetic feet. The most memorable one being a golf tee!   Please remember, it is trauma to a foot that lacks the ability to feel pain that opens the door to infection, and far too often, amputation.

Dr. Joseph’s Diabetic Foot Care Kit is the only product on the market that  easily addresses the three important  steps to amputation prevention:  Daily Hygiene, Inspection, and regular Sensory  Testing.  This product has been proven to be so beneficial in amputation prevention, that major insurance companies are now  making it available to their Diabetic population.  The money saved by preventing a single amputation could provide approximately 10,000 patients with the product. To learn more about  Dr. Joseph’s Diabetic Footcare Kit please watch the following video that  demonstrates the product in detail.